another move.

dear friends,

as much as i have truly enjoyed your company i think it’s become apparent that i don’t really blog on here anymore. :P it’s not that i DON’T like blogging, recently i have been pretty busy & just enjoying life :) although i never really saw myself as a beauty blogger (i guess part time like mae says) it’s not something i do very much. so i’ve decided to make a new blog just filled with randoom stuff. mostly it’ll be little updates/more my life & just whatever decides to come out of my head. i’ll probably still read your blogs, though i’m not sure how much i’ll be updating this one. please keep in touch :)


& to the anony. who asked about the pallete i used for my HIP shadows, here is the link:

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failed fair-ing

it just came to my attention it cuts off :( am fixing it now
okay, can’t seem to get it going ;( idk what to dooooo blechhhhhhh but i NEED to pack. so it’ll have to wait :( sorry guyssss

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depotting HIP duos

decided to do a video of me depotting my hip duos..wanted to get it done before vegas & i’ve just been on a depotting craze lately haha so here it is, hope it helps :)


also here is the link for where to buy the palette i used –> CLICK HERE

the quality of these videos are killing me. it’s so crisp before i upload them on video then suddenly they turn to shit. i’m so sorry guys!

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WHITz gold contest

hello ladies! i haven’t done a look in a while & that’s because i haven’t really been wearing make up lol 
but i decided to have my hand at whitz’ contest on her blog! you can go ahead & click on the link & join as well! there’s one winner who gets $25 credit to koreacreed26’s ebay shop ^^

& here’s my entry…
& if you look closely in some of the pictures you can see my purple hair ^.^ i’ll do a separate entry on that some other time  

eyes are red :( they’re irritated with me again

& incase anyone was curious, here are the products used:

  • revlon color stay foundation in golden something i forget hehe
  • rimmel natural bronzer in sun light
  • mililani blush in mai tai


  • MAC paint pot in rebenesque
  • NYX pigment in yellow gold
  • CQ smooth color eye shadow in plum orchid
  • ELF eyeshadow in black
  • revlon color stay eye liner in black
  • maybeline lash stiletto


  • VS lipstick in whispher & i added some of the NYX pigment in yellow gold :)

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ketchup catch up

these were some pictures that i had already uploaded onto my photobucket but never really had the chance to post. so i guess this is just a catch-up sorta post haha i didn’t want the pictures to “go to waste”
here’s a few pictures from when i went to gahlagger’s (bar in OB). our friend ANDY is in a reggae band called KAHI LOFA. i was SOOOO surprised when i saw him perform. he’s the singer & plays ukalele. OMG such talent! total shock to me. his voice is great! i can listen to him for hours haha which is what i did :P
my plan was simple. go there, support, have a great time, blow off some stress. my other friends had a different plan. apparently it was to get me drunk. i don’t know why people always wanna do this to me haha i guess they think it’s funny how little alcohol it takes -_-; ooooohhhh well.

evil people. haha they made me drink..lots. they even remembered what drink i ordered last time we went out & got it for me knowing i’ll drink it for sure haha

me & nel

andy!!! super talented guy right here. it’s the reason we came out that night. his band (kahi lofa) was playing that night

 lol. michael. my DD, also the guy who forced me to come out & play that night

 in other news & completely unrelated to the stuff above. my mom (along w/ other business partners) opened up a restaurant!! i was in shock! she basically told me after everything was done! it’s a thai restaurant & im glad because i looooveee thai food! hahah it’s soooo good! here are some pictures from when my family & i went there.  (you guys can tell these pictures are at least 2 weeks old since my hair was still long )

auntie may & grandma!

me & uncle

ate ris (my FAVVVVVVVVVVVVORITE COUSIN, more like a sister!) & me

so along with working full time i’ve been trying to help out at the restaurant as well. busy busy busy. but when am i not? –_–; i’d really like to just have things settle down a bit. i’m DEAD tired. i wish i had time to be bored :( hahaha

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video: failed attempt

can’t figure out why the sound is always a little off :/ meeehhh..maybe i won’t use vimeo…

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say hello to video girl

hmm, just noticed the sound was a tiny bit off…i think? haha o well!

June 16, 2009. video killed the radio star. 7 comments.

whits giveaway & video?

i have a lot of explaining to do. hah. my life’s been pretty crazy lately, hence no posts from me. although i think i’ve finally decided on a screen name so i can sign up for a place for videos. vimeo or youtube? or do you guys have any other suggestions?
also, what do you want to see for the first video? :)

in anycase, i decided to try my luck. so whit is having a fabulous give away — click click & go check it out! :D

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Experiment 1: MAC SFF

i haven’t ever really used concealer before, at least not succesfully, and i finally got tired of trying all the freakin drug stores ones they sell. haha one of my friends (nes) has used concealer from MAC for a while & she said it didn’t break her out. i figured since my skin was tempermental like hers, i’d be okay. so i decided to go to MAC last week to go see about gettiing a concealer.
while i was there, i was TOTALLY confused. haha i never even knew how many different kinds of concealer they carried! lol i guess it really showed on my face how lost i was because one of the girls who worked there asked if they could help me lol. & i figured since i was there already, it’d be good to find out what “color” i am. this will be good for referencing. the girl who helped me was realllllyyyy nice. i really liked her a lot. haha she asked me what i was looking for and got the products out while i took off the make up i had on. by the time i was done she was ready to start.

now, i have always steered clear of all MAC face products because i’ve heard stories of them breaking people out. i do not need any help in that department. lol my face can break out on its own with no help from anything haha. it’s actually not so much the breaking out, but the marks they leave afterwards -_-; so with all that in mind i really had no intention of purchasing the foundation. she put some on my face & it didn’t take very long at all, & it didn’t even feel like there was anything on my face, she told me to take a look, OMGGGGG loveeeeeeeeeeeee! haha just with that she managed to even out my skin tone, and cover almost most of everything i wanted covered! haha i was pretty speechless! & it looked natural & non cakey! then she put a little bit of the concealer & wow, i felt pretty despite probably looking shitty after a full day of work haha so i ended up purchasing both the foundation & the concealer lol
it’s been about a week now that i’ve been using this product. i’m still in the process of seeing whether or not it’ll break me out…SOOOO i’ll be testing this out, but so far so good. i had a visitor last week so i’m waiting to see how it goes this week since my hormones will be more balanced lol.  i’m hoping that i like it & it doesn’t break me out (more than i usually do anyway) so i can just keep the product lol i really am pleased with the results :)

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victoria’s secret: lipstick

i guess i’ve been “lip crazy” lately these are part of the purchases i made to feed my increasing interest in lip products lol. i used to be just all about chapstick/lip balm. but now glosses & lipstick are piquing some interest in me. these were purchased some time back (as will other products that will pop up here soon, i’ve just been really sucky at updating, as you guys know heh)

i got these when there was that 75% off thing during my break at work (mall’s right across my building) got one for mom too (not pictured)

 satin sheet & whisper

whisper &  satin sheets  

in other news, as soon as i make an account i’m planning on doing a video blog as to just catch up with everything as quickly as possible. i still have not thought of a screen name. -_-; so i guess as soon as i think of one then that’s when it’ll be. perhaps the next post will be a video, otherwise things will go as usual.

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